David masquerades as Sub_Thrawl on some of the more "adult" chat-rooms... he is well-liked amongst all his contacts in the chat-rooms but has always regarded the Mistress_of_Darkwinds as a source of mystery and intrigue. Cyber-blood unveils the story of David's virtual quest to discover more about this strange mistress of discipline - and describes the strange and freakish repercussions in his personality and private life. A black and ghoulish story of e-love in the 21st century. For mature readers.
Review by the Yippee group

Dominant/submissive chat rooms and a lovely, but evil vampire lead submissive David down the road to terror. David doesn't make the connection between this new dominant woman and the hideous dreams he's having. Dreams that are slowly taking over his life, changing him, and molding him in preparation for his transformation...
Jean works for the committee. He's been stalking a dangerous elusive vampire for five years. Could the centuries old vampire he seeks to destroy be the same woman frequenting the D/s chat room? He knows that she is close, watching, waiting and planning her next move. Can Jean stop her before she completes David's transformation?
Mr. Amsbary provides us with a peek into the world of Dominance/submissiveness. Throw Vampires and werewolves into the mix and the combination turns lethal! Cyber Blood is an intriguing story that I had to force myself to put down at 2 a.m.
Sabrina Edwards -- Scribe's World