not for the Baptists., by Brenda Likavec. In this ebook, Brenda Likavec shocks and rocks the politically correct concept of a peaceful world.

Seven, Out!, by Cornell Fitch. This e-book deals with the underground life of gambling. Compulsive gambling should I say, and everything that the gambler will do to satisfy his or her need to play and of course, to get the money needed to play.

Dance Sisters, by Alan Clay. Some books have the power to disturb, to make you think and that makes them dangerous to some. is one of those books. It describes the power of technology and the havoc it could wreck in the hands of manipulative people.

Lapses of Memory, by Angie Yurewich. This ebook explores the painful consequences of a childhood trauma buried deep in the misty regions of memory. But as in real life, good may come out of pain.

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