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by Jay Lawrence

IT awakens...

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This was my first ebook and was it intriguing enough for me to want to read more! Set in a small town in America with likeable characters and interesting and descriptive dialogue, I was captivated.

Do we know every creature on Earth? This ebook tells the story of a long dormant creature that awakens in the depths of a small lake to wreak terror and violence on a small town.
Not human?
More than human?
Who knows and who cares for the question is how to capture or kill the beast before the whole town is killed in a horrible way. What kind of creature hunts human? Why does IT hunt humans. Follow the different characters in this spellbinding tale of eroticism and horror that will let you explore the hidden relations between the inhabitants of a small town.
This ebook contains language and sexual descriptions that could offend some people.

Although this ebook is a horror story, it also shows the social and sexual interactions between people of a small town where everyone knows you.

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