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In spite of much research and conjecture, the origin of the Chinese people remains undetermined. We do not know who they were nor whence they came.
Edward T.C. Werner.

Chinese children are made to learn (proverbs and maxims)by heart, and ordinary grown-up Chinamen may be almost said to think in proverbs.
Professor Herbert A. Giles, 1892.

This quote from Herbert A. Giles in 1892 aptly describes the contents of Chinese Tales and Fables. This ebook presents the sensibility and pragmatism of Chinese culture and thought.

This new release has been completely redone to include better quality classical chinese music, more tales and more artworks. In order to display the artworks in full quality, the requirement for the screen definition has been increase to 1024x768 and a minimum of 16M colours.

Chinese Tales and Fables is a navigable ebook to read and to learn oriental wisdom.

If you've never experienced Chinese Fables, they're similar to the tales of Aesop. Each fable contains a brief story with an underlying moral. Because the moral is not evident, the reading of this ebook should provide members of a family some occasion to discuss and learn the wisdom of a culture that enjoyed the longest uninterrrupted civilisation in the world.
Using the ebook, you can casually browse through each fable.

Chinese Tales and Fables is a rewarding handbook for the intellect and conscious. The tales and anecdotes, passed down from generation to generation, will be a wonderful addition to your ebook collection.
In the registered version, you have access to all the tales and to tables of the Chinese Dynasties and the Chinese Deities.

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