March 8th, 2003
NEW RELEASE: Supergenius

How to become a Supergenius on Three Wishes.

by Magi Lamp

A strange ebook.

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Ceramics on CD

Both ebooks: Ceramic Wares and Ceramic Raw Materials are now available on CD-ROM.
Ceramics Visual Encyclopaedia
Volume I: Ceramic Wares is a visual dictionary of types and techniques known first by their materials and second by their manufacturers. Reference ebook for collectors, students and practitioners.
Volume II: Ceramic Raw Materials is a visual dictionary of raw materials: earths, rocks, minerals, oxides and elements which is thorough and very easy to use.
Both ebooks can be used from the CD-ROM.
When you receive the CD-ROM, you will see 2 activation codes that must be entered to activate the full use of the ebooks. Just click on the Index then on Registration. Follow the instruction on the screen.
You can purchase this CD that will be delivered to your door.

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