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by Magi Lamp

How to become a Supergenius on Three Wishes
Magi Lamp.

Discover how a genius learns and how to become one. It is very hard to describe this ebook. First, the author insisted that I keep the page breaks and the font juggling. It will disorient you but at the same time, it will teach you to put aside the form to concentrate on the content. This ebook is strange both in form and contents. You may be tempted to put it aside as a mere joke -- but come back and try it again. It will challenge old ideas about learning that may, well indeed, transform you into a Supergenius!

While I was reading this ebook, I said to myself: Well, that's how I work. At school, any levels, my friends and other students were always asking why I did not take notes, and I always replied that it was useless as everything was already written in the books. When they watched me reading, they always said: You can't be reading, you're flipping the pages too fast. And I replied: true! I am not reading but looking for keywords and when my eyes/brain see those keywords, I back up to the beginning of the paragraph and read it.
Well, that's a bit like the method described in this book but the best way to find out about that "revolutionary" method is to read the ebook.

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