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by Jonathan H. Amsbary

When David meets the woman of his dreams in a Bondage and Dominance Chat room, he doesn't know how right he is. As his encounters on-line become more and more intense, his dreams become more and more horrific. His nightmares soon manifest into real life as a trail of blood and death splash across Canada and The United States.
David's friends first admire his new found confidence and strength, but they soon learn to fear the monster he is slowly becoming. Can even the combined efforts of his real lfe and on-line friends and a mysterious vampire hunter save David from the curse of Cyber-Blood?

David masquerades as Sub_Thrawl on some of the more "adult" chat-rooms... he is well-liked amongst all his contacts in the chat-rooms but has always regarded the Mistress_of_Darkwinds as a source of mystery and intrigue. Cyber-blood unveils the story of David's virtual quest to discover more about this strange mistress of discipline - and describes the strange and freakish repercussions in his personality and private life. A black and ghoulish story of e-love in the 21st century. For mature readers.

About Jonathan H. Amsbary: first bitten watching Dark Shadows as boy, Jonathan soon began reading and then writing about vampires all through his youth. He took a break from this avocation to finish his education and earn a Ph.D. in Communication from Indiana University.
He is currently an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a devoted husband and permissive father.
While he has written a number of scholarly works on entirely uninteristing subjects, Cyber-Blood is his first full length vampire novel. Though many of his students may disagree, he is not now, nor has he ever been a vampire.

If anyone thinks it is possible to take on a project like this alone you are completely and utterly insane. First of all I would like to thank my very dear friend Brenda. You never know what a simple question like, "Why don't you write some of this down?" Might lead.
Then there is my merry little band of readers: Ginny, Jim, Joy, and Marge. Knowing that there are people out there who are actually enjoying what I'm reading really keeps me going. Many of my early writing attempts ended in frustration because it felt like no one would ever read any of it. Knowing I have an immediate audience has made all the difference. Thanks guys, I couldn't have done it without any of you.

A real special thank you needs to go out to a real special friend, Kristi. My inability to spell and find the correct place for my commas has been the bane of my existence. Your proofing skills have been a Godsend. Thank you.
To all the friends I have made on the computer, and to all the people who are keeping it sane safe and consensual, keep up the good work.
I of course need to thank my wife Kathleen and son Daniel. Not only are you two my inspiration, but you are both real good about giving me the time to write.
All that is good in this book each of you have made better. I take full and sole responsibility for anything that is bad. I love you all.

Why I chose Cyber-blood
Although this ebook is an horror story, different than Dance Sisters , it shows how technology is becoming an integral part of our lives. We project our inner fantasies and psychological imbalances into that virtual world: the Web. We expect to find there, what we can find in the material world, and more. But this is scary. To me a computer and the Internet are tools. I don't have games on my PC, I don't chat and visit only few newsgroups, mostly technical. To read that some people live more a virtual life than a real one as in Cyber-blood, is astonishing.

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