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Electronic Story Collection

by Dennis E. Hickey


Dennis Hickey has assembled a collection of amusing and inspirational stories and poems, gleaned from his e-mail correspondence with friends, relatives and even strangers.
Some stories are for mature audience although they are not indecent by any means

This completely re-done edition adds more interactivity to the ebook. In some stories, the punch line is not in the story and it's up to the reader to get it. Others require the reader to interact with the ebook while some stories are self-running.

Once you open the ebook, you will see a page that explains How to use the ebook
then the next page give you a short biography of the author
There are different types of stories in this ebook, some of them requires that you click in order to have the punch line
depending on the story, you have different type of action buttons to get the joke
This ebook will even teach you how to speak Chinese
Other stories are self running, you just have to click a button and relax to read the different jokes.

This version 2004.3 is locked. To access all the pages, you must purchase an activation key that you will receive after your credit information have been validated.
You type or copy/paste this key in the activation box and you will have access to all the stories.

I know that all Internet and e-mail users receive all types of mail, most being of a Trash or Junk category. In many cases, you can read the subject area and determine immediately if you want to 'Read it or Delete it.'
Other types of mail that is not personal or business related is humorous, true, educational, inspirational, religious based or other stories that are forwarded by friends because they have found them to be entertaining and want you to enjoy them too. I have certainly received my share of these stories, but for one reason or another was unable to read them at time of receipt, so I would file them under an appropriate heading or category.

One night, I decided to start reading some of these stories, but many were extremely difficult to read because of all the e-mail addresses, comments by individual senders, programming symbols, formatting and spelling problems. I then began to correct these problems so I could print them for my wife to read. It became very time-consuming utilizing thousands of Delete, Backspace, Insert and other keystrokes to get them into a readable story. It soon became a challenge.
Since the finished product looked so much better than the original format, I decided to compile, print and place in a notebook for repeated reading by family and friends

About Dennis E. Hickey: 68-year old retired Air Force Major. He also retired from the USAA Insurance Company located in San Antonio, Texas where he resides with his wife, Jeannine.
Married almost 48 years and they have four children and eight grandchildren.
Since you also receive these entertaining Internet stories, I would appreciate it if you would forward them to me. I will need them because I will be compiling a second book, since there are new stories produced and forwarded everyday to people around the world. Please, no pornography.

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