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Half-Love, Half-Hate

by Ella Bat-Tsion

Ebook of surrealistic poetry, abstract illustrations and electronic music...
A collection of poems originally written in Hebrew and translated in English by the author.
Poetry is a form of imaginative literary expression that makes its effect by the sound and imagery of its language.
Surrealism emphasized the role of the unconscious in creative activity.
Combine the two, add abstract illustrations and electronic music and you might get an idea of this ebook.

But the best is to experience it.
If you appreciated the Book of God's Dreams then, you will appreciate this surrealistic poetry ebook. All her poems are pathways to deeper reflexion and meditation. They break the boundaries of the material world and project you into a darkness inhabited by Words.

"I tend the garden, turn the soil - Meaning the soul - form it newly" Half-Love, Half-Hate constitutes a collection of Hebrew poems (translated to English) for your enjoyment and meditation. Religion is both analysed and lauded in these works by Goldberg prize winner Ella Bat-Tsion. "Poetry is a religious sect and a sort of prayer; I may talk to you, to her or to myself; But essentially I address the Lord"

About Ella Bat-Tsion: she lives in Jerusalem, Israel. She has published ten volumes of her own poetry and also some collections of translations from English (Ryokan, Elsa Gidlow) and French (Robert Desnos, Paul Eluard). She is awarded many literary prizes in her country:

  • Literary prize after Matti Catz, 1972.
  • Acum prize, 1975.
  • Prass Ha-yetsira from the Prime Minister Fund, 1980.
  • Literary prize after Miriam Talpir, 1981.
  • Many awards from Tel Aviv Fund for Literature and Art.
  • Prass Ha-yetsira from the Prime Minister Fund, 1996.
  • Goldberg prize from the Jewish National Fund, 1998.
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