12.95 US$ / 12,95 €

12.95 US$ / 12,95 €

The Illustrated Book of Trees

by Louise Hart

These two e-books are an illustrated collection of poems written in imagistic style. The poems are both metaphysical and descriptive of trees and leaves and are photographically illustrated by the author, a former photojournalist and editor (as well as a published poet).

These e-books will let you discover an other world where poetry is not only words that the poet re-arrange to convey a mental picture but also real pictures. The concept behind these e-books is that Ms. Hart has supplied so much beautiful pictures and poems that it would have been a shame to distract the reader by multimedia effects.
Then, I thought of the photo album concept. Most of photo albums, mine included, are bland. This one is not.

This union of words and pictures is not unusual. Sometimes when you read a poem, pictures come to mind; these pictures are often based upon your memories but rarely match the ones that the poet had in mind when writing. These ebooks offer you a glimpse of what triggered Ms. Hart poems or how she associates a poem with a certain image. One might say that these e-books offer you a chance to visit a poet's inner world.

About Louise Hart: poet and author Louise Hart has been writing since she was five years of age and published since she was thirteen. A former journalist, columnist, teacher and entrepreneur, she was dubbed the new Emily Dickinson by the editor of Mustang Review, a prestigious imagistic poetry journal, for her poem, "Snow". She has also been named Poet Laureate of Greater Lawrence by the Greater Lawrence Chamber of Commerce. She currently has over 250 poems in print in anthologies, poetry journals, magazines and other publications.
In addition to her metaphysical, imagistic work, Prayers for the Temple Within, and The Illustrated Book of Trees, both available through, this versatile writer is the author of cookbooks, children's books, short stories, essays, humor, fiction and the historical non-fiction, Mill Girls and Their Daughters.
A native of Massachusetts, she is a graduate of Boston University, the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and Harvard University. She has also completed the Institute in Economic and Urban Development at Tufts University in Medford, Ma and attended law school. A business consultant and president of a non-profit corporation promoting careers in the arts, she is a former member of the National Advisory Council of the National Health Service Corps of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C. She was awarded the Derek Bok Prize for Outstanding Leadership in Community Service by Harvard and similarly named to the state honor roll for Outstanding Leadership in Community Service by the American Association of University Women.

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