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Lapses of Memory

by Angie Yurewich

What if you had witnessed your Mother's murder as a young child?
What if you had no recollection of the murder or who the murderer was?
What would you do as you grew older and began to experience voids of time and memory?
Would you tell someone about the voids?
Or would you keep it all to yourself, for fear that you'll loose the one person you love most?

These are the questions Sara Williams must resolve in, Lapses of Memory.

At the moment of the murder of her Mother, Sara goes into a state of shock, and recalls nothing of the events. Later in life things begin to unconsciously trigger her memory causing her to have memory lapses. She seeks the help of a close friend who could end up being her worst nightmare or her savior.
Sara disappears one night and her husband is worried for her safety. He confronts her when she arrives home about her behavior. Fearing that she will lose him, if she tells him the truth about what is happening with her, Sara avoids his questions.
Learning that Sara is getting her memory back, the murderer hires a man to have her kidnapped. Sara is locked in the trunk of a car and attempts are made by her trying to get out and alert other drivers. A blizzard comes up abruptly causing the car to go out of control and down a cliff. Sara is thrown from the vehicle and finds herself wandering the forest, lost, alone, confused. Sara's family and friends take the law into their own hands, after she is found to protect her with their lives. Sara's husband takes Sara away to the mountains, it is there that she recalls fragments of her memory, about her Mother's murder.
They go to her child home, to put the pieces together and are confronted with the murderer.

About Angie Yurewich : I am thirty year old mother of three boys. I reside in Georgia with my husband and three children. My full time job is taking care of my family. I also hold a part time job. I volunteer my free time to help out with school projects and activities.

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