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Auto Maintenance 101

by Byron Barwick

Auto Maintenance 101 is definitely meant for you if….

  • You’ve never been the least bit mechanically inclined, and have convinced yourself of it.
  • You’ve always instinctively shied away from anything to do with cars - except to drive them.
  • You frankly wince at the thought of getting involved with anything ‘under a car hood’
  • You have never been ‘great’ at ‘fixing things’ anyway; in fact you know next to nothing at all about tools.
  • You hate being intimidated about not knowing how to handle some of the simplest things yourself.
  • You’ve always been hesitant to attempt anything because you think others may scoff.
  • You always thought ‘rad hose’ meant racy stockings.
  • You rely on your vehicle, but knowing nothing at all about it, you feel you’d be wise to understand some basics.
  • You have a great sense of humor that simply requires a good ‘jumpstart’ every so often.
Here's a great little ebook designed to help even the most novice mechanic perform basic and intermediate automotive repairs. There's even a section on teaching you the basics as well as troubleshooting tasks.

from Michael DeSanto on

Great, so what will I learn that could make me see things differently?

  • About unveiling the ‘mystery’ behind what makes cars ‘tick’, in any do-it-yourself, task-related area.
  • How to ‘read’ the signals of needed, simple preventative maintenance anyone can do, and how to proceed.
  • That your natural abilities put to any simple underhood task will surprise you - same hands, different ‘territory’.
  • In as little as thirty minutes into this book, you’ll be more informed than most vehicle-owners out there.
  • That so many things you’ve had your vehicle serviced for you could do yourself… and feel damn good about it.
  • So much ‘know-how’, you’ll no longer consider yourself ‘in the dark’, giving you a satisfaction only imagined.
  • Confidence-enhancing streetsmarts, peace of mind and security knowing firsthand your vehicle is well maintained.
  • That laughter is king, and that any hesitancy and fears you’ve been sitting on are ‘burdens’ best left behind.
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