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Of Dreams

by Angie-Marie Garcia

Dream interpretation made easy. Of Dreams takes the philosophical confusion out of understanding the dream dimension so that not only scholars could master the secrets of this magical world, but the average person. Of Dreams has taken the art of reading dreams to a new, easy level combining dream halting or enhancing herbs, crystals and stones to assist on your dream quest. Also included are elemental power therapies, magical stones for your astrological sign, child's play, meditation, dream control, meanings and much more to help you become the master of your dreams.

Wow, I wonder if the Mysterious Angie can use her mystical powers to read my thoughts and remove the need for this review.. Well, for those of you can't read my mind I was rather astonished at the amount of mystical information crammed into this ebook. Everything from your personal magical stone to making your dreams come true is included. If you believe that the mystical powers of the universe can be of help to you, download this, otherwise don't bother.

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About Angie-Marie Garcia: born at Winnipeg, Canada in 1964. At the age of twelve I was hit by a speeding car driven by a drunk through a red light. I suffered a severe concussion that left with an unusual gift.
My psychic gift was a curse as a child because of the lack of understanding my visions. At the age of 15, My Auntie Anne took me under her wing and taught me how to apply tools such as crystals, cards and runes to use my gift effectively.
I began to advance my knowledge on psychic ability, dream analyzation and the tools to enhance these powers such as tarot, runes, crystals, playing cards, palmistry, numerology and herbs.
I have successful completed courses relating to my studies such as The Dream Connection, The Human Psyche, Philosophy and Dream Dimensions which included the teachings of greats such as Freud and Jung.
My mentor during my early 20's was with well-known psychic, the late Madame Red, from Winnipeg, Canada. Her teachings of dream interpretation have changed my life to a greater understanding of this other dimension we explore in our sleep.
I studied meditation with the teachings of Dr. Eileen Hein, Dean of The University of Parapsychology in Muncie, Indiana. Her technique is a most effective way to meditate.
In my thirties I had the opportunity to become close friends with Herbalist and author of "Of Witches" and "Magical Hearth," Janet Thompson. Her friendship, teachings and knowledge with herbs and Wicca will take me through life with an entire new outlook on nature and a new way of life.

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