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Organize your finances

by Christina E. Scalise

Have you ever felt that you can't catch up with the daily chores of living, that you don't know where your money is going, that you are paying too much for what you're getting. In this ebook, you will find tips, tricks, ideas and links on how to organize your life, save money, make a budget and find the best bargains. Why should you pay more for less. The links in the full version are updated periodically. Get organized with this ebook!

Stressed? Don't know where your money is going? Have no time to do all your chores? Paying too much? Some basic answers can be found in this ebook about organization. Find out how to plan the repayment of your debts, how to make a budget, how to keep track of where your money goes. The Web is a tool, find out how to use it to get coupons, rebates and special offers with our lists of links to sites offering great bargains. All those links are categorized according to the topic you are reading. These links, as well as loose tips, can be updated when E-dition has either new ones or some are becoming obsolete. This ebook is not static, the full version can be easily updated as long as the version number is not changed. This ebook is full of tips and tricks together with some blank charts and forms that you can print. It includes a search function, print, copy/paste to the text editor included or to your favorite text editor. The lists of web links and some articles can be updated easily when you purchase the full version.

About Christina E. Scalise: married, stay-at-home mom with three children. At the age of eighteen I purchased a rental property. After that and several jobs I decided that being a stay-at-home mom was the life I wanted for myself and my family. I am now raising my children in a home way out in the country. Being financially organized was the only way I was able to accomplish this.
Organization is now a big part of my life!

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