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by Carel van Westhuizen

We are not all mental geniuses and the writer of this e-book also claims to be quite ordinary. If we could solve most of these puzzles, then so can our readers. Most of the material is pure mind games and you don't need to be a physics boffin to solve them.
This e-book contains logic puzzles, brainteasers and riddles we have accumulated over the years from books, via the Internet and from friends and strangers. In most of the cases we have tried to write our own stories around the puzzles. The material will stimulate the lazy mind and give the reader a sense of self satisfaction after the puzzle is solved.

Talk about brain teasers im going bald here thats how much thinking im doing.This is one of the best files i have downloaded i hope they make more of these. Paradox rocks.
Ricardo Lopez

Logic puzzles, brainteasers and riddles have intrigued people over centuries. The puzzles are both difficult and easy at the same time. Difficult, because most people give up too easily and easy as in when the answer is told to you and it seems so obvious.
The following puzzles are not that difficult and you should be able to finish these puzzles if you read the questions carefully. The author tried to change most of the puzzles into little stories for easier reading and to make the puzzles more interesting.
People who give up after a few minutes have not really tried. If you cannot solve the puzzle immediately then put it in a safe corner of your mind and tackle it whenever you have a free moment to yourself. You will be surprised at all the possible solutions your mind can produce.
The answers to the puzzles are all given in each puzzle but even to get the answer, you will have to work. The answers are those of the author and some may not be the easiest or the shortest route, but then the author is also quite ordinary in his reasoning.
If you really cannot solve the puzzle, then try the hint if a hint is given. The hints make the puzzles really easy. The pictures may give hints as well and this information is a hint if it is a hint. The author has no claim to any of the puzzles as being his own. It is also quite impossible to give thanks to the original inventors of these mind games, because in most if not all of the cases the puzzles were passed from person to person and changes were introduced along the line. If our readers get really frustrated in trying to solve the puzzles, then throw the e-book away, rest a month and then go and buy another copy.

You're walking through a desert in a land where half the natives are cannibals and the other half are vegetarians. Also half of each group always tells the truth and the other half always tells lies. To make matters worse each will only make one statement to strangers. You come across two natives and the first says something in his native tongue, The second looks at you and says "He said he will lead you to safety, you can trust him, but don't believe him, he's a big liar. I'll take you to safety." Which native do you follow?
I love problems like this. I mull them over in my head and stick with them until I get the right answer. It is for this reason that I snapped up a copy of Paradox from E-dition. The editor promises that math can be fun. I am happy to report that the e-book did not disappoint. The puzzles were mostly new to me, though I've seen a few before in some variation or another. What was especially exciting was the interface. The e-book is in an exe format and provides the reader with interactive hints, chastisements and answers. This added to the fun of solving the puzzles greatly. The Editor does warn that the interface is a little particular about how answers need to be phrased. Sadly this warning is warranted. Since many of the puzzles have alternate answers, you can be chastised after giving the correct answer, just not the computer's answer. I quickly overcame this limitation and decided I didn't need to be praised when I came with an answer that I knew was correct. In fact, I've gone through the puzzles again and again looking for ways to fool the e-book. If you like these type of puzzles you'll love this e-book. I do want to say a little about the interface of the e-book. Unlike most e-books that come in html or similar formats, E-dition releases its e-books in exe files. The look and feel of the e-book is like nothing I've ever experienced before. The pages are textured and the interface is seamless."

This Standard E-dition contains 25 of such puzzles and riddles. Get the Deluxe E-dition and you will have hours of brain activity.
The Deluxe E-dition contains more than 150 brainteasers and more animation. You will discover how a criminal escaped both the hanging and the beheading, how long can amoebas take to fill in a jar, how to measure 4 ounces of oil using a 5oz and 3oz containers, and much more...
This Deluxe E-dition has added interactivity and some problems are quite interesting.

About Carel van Westhuizen: born 1963-06-06 in the Cape province South Africa. I grew up on a wine farm near Stellenbosch by the name of Bonfoi and went to school Paul Roos Gimnasium. Went to University of Stellenbosch where I got my Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering. After that I studied at UNISA (University of South Africa) and got my Diploma in Datametrics.
I am currently living in Pretoria Gauteng Province working for Telkom the National Telecommunication provider. I am married and have two sons. As you can see I like brain teasers very much. I do software programming as well.
Visit my homepage at:

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