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The Quest

by John K. Peterson

A superb space fantasy adventure.
Kevin Thomas searches for the missing Sword of his father. Along the way he becomes involved in solving the mystery of the Gray Legion, meets many interesting characters and discovers Technology from the distant past. In the end The people of his world are reunited with those of their home world.

This ebook has all the elements of a classic science-fiction in the style of Terry Brooks. Forget reality and step in an imaginary universe where science and magic are side by side. Follow Kevin and travel through a country that is both friendly and hostile to his quest. For his quest could bring back the ugly side of mankind if it the sword falls into the wrong hands.

About John K. Peterson: I spent my younger years in Oquawka, Illinois. My family moved to Monmouth, Ill. when I was eleven. in 1964 we moved to Biloxi, Mississippi where I finished high school and attended the University of Mississippi. Upon graduating I worked for Gulf Coast Research Labs but decided that Marine Biology wasn't what I wanted after all. In 1968 I moved to Florida and went to work at the cape. (i.e. Cape Canaveral)
Did tracking station maintenance during the last years of the Apollo program. When the program ended I moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I was involved in starting a air freight business as well as working in the security industry. From there I moved to Midland Texas, my current home. I've lived here for the last 25 years. and currently work ing the computer industry as a consultant.
I've always had an interest in SiFi and Fantasy books and have been an avid reader of both. I find such writers as Terry Brooks Ann McCaffery, and Clark stimulating.

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