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Seven, Out!

by Cornell Fitch

A drama about a late middle aged, self absorbed, misogynist, small time, gambler, who's current passion is craps shooting. He goes to Las Vegas in an attempt to realize his dream of becoming a "heavy hitter", a big time bettor. There he gets involved with a vice boss, her henchman who's scheming to take her place, his call girl cohort and an old associate of his, from back home, who was formerly a petty criminal but who is now a born again Christian. The protagonist is brought face to face with his frailties as the story ends with a series of violent acts, surrounding he theft of five million dollars from the vice lords.

Here's an Ebook for the racing fans out there. I won't go into excruciating detail about the actual story as I don't want to give too much away but it's about a gambler, who wants to be recognised as a bigger gambler and is willing to spend as much money as he needs on impressing people and winning big. The actual Ebook itself is quite good with sampled sound effects and pretty pictures and makes reading quite easy. If you're into gambling and crime then give this a read (although there is quite a bit of foul language.)

About Cornell Fitch: Afro-American, born and raised in Chicago Illinois. in his late fifties he has experienced a wide variety of life experiences. A graduate of De Paul University in Chicago, Mr. Fitch subsequently served five years as an Army officer, serving in Vietnam, sold mainframe computers, operated a computer based business of his own, run an insurance agency and been employed as an executive recruiter.
He has traveled extensively through out the United States as well as having been expose to a significant portion of Asia while in the military and Europe on his own. Included in his interest are casino gambling and horse racing.
Seven, out, is his first attempt at creative writing, an avocation that he intends to make his vocation at this point in life.
Married, with three adult children, Mr. Fitch continues to reside in the Chicago metropolitan area.

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