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Street$marts for drivers 101

by Byron M. Barwick

Street$marts for Drivers 101 is definitely meant for you if….

  • You’ve never been very informed dealing with many things vehicle-related, and would like to be.
  • You’ve always instinctively shied away from anything to do with cars, except to drive them.
  • You hate being intimidated about not knowing how to handle some of the simplest things yourself.
  • You have never been ‘great’ at handling emergencies, and couldn’t imagine as a driver what you’d do in a crisis.
  • You’re tired of being ripped off by dishonest mechanics who always ‘see you coming’, especially if you’re a woman.
  • You frankly wince at the thought of getting involved with anything related to purchasing or selling a vehicle.
  • You’re admittedly shy on streetsmarts about how to minimize the potential loss of goods or your vehicle to theft.
  • You have no idea how you’d handle being accosted or threatened by a stranger, especially in an isolated location.
  • You have a great sense of humor that simply requires a tad of objectivity every so often.

Great, so what will I learn that could make me see things differently?

  • Easy-to-understand practical tips on anything connected with driving savvy - being streetsmart, pure and simple.
  • How to maximize your visibility in all weather, road and traffic conditions.
  • How to ‘read’ the road, other drivers, traffic situations, and ensure the safety of yourself and your occupants.
  • How to confidently decide whether to lease or to own your next vehicle.
  • How to maximize your security, comfort and dollar-value when it comes to rental agencies.
  • How to deal with an unexpected approach by a stranger, and being aware of that possibility, to be prepared.
  • How to prepare for your next road trip -before leaving home, by using simple streetsmarts.
  • Eye-opening safety tips about children, trips, emergencies, leasing, renting, buying, selling, scams, theft & more.
  • About how to foil slick salesmen and bogus, dishonest mechanics.
  • So much ‘know-how’, you’ll no longer consider yourself a ‘dummy’, giving you a satisfaction only imagined.
  • In as little as thirty minutes into this book, you’ll be more informed than most drivers out there.
  • Confidence-enhancing streetsmarts, peace of mind and security ?if relying on a vehicle is a way of life for you.
  • That laughter is king, and that any hesitancy and fears you’ve been sitting on are ‘burdens’ best left behind.
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