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Last modified: September 21st, 2004
  1. is offering ebooks for sale to the public. It is preferable that the book be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office or equivalent agency in the country of origin. We will not be held responsible for any infringement of copyright laws in any country whatsoever.
  2. We are interested in reference or educational works. is providing a niche for Education, Reference, Academic (subject ot the first condition stated above). We no longer accept novels, poetry, fictions, sci-fi, etc.
  3. being dedicated to the electronic medium, we will not accept handwritten or typed works. We will accept files in the following formats:
    • straight ASCII text files *.TXT
    • rich text format files *.RTF
    • Microsoft Word 6.0 files *.DOC
    • Images/photographs/charts/drawings in decreasing order of preference:
      • PSD (Photoshop with layers intact)
      • PNG
      • JPG
      • BMP
      • PCX
      • GIF
      If your work contains images/photographs/charts/drawings, we would like to receive them separate from the work and not incorporated within the document. Make sure that you put a marker where the picture should be. use the name of the picture file for instance, <image1.jpg goes here>.
    • Music, sound files in decreasing order of preference:
      • MP3
      • WAVE
      • MOD
      • MIDI
    • Video contact us
  4. We accept works in French language, therefore make sure that you are using all the "caractères accentués" of your language. Take note that the reader interface of the finished product will also be in French.
  5. Works with numerous punctuation / grammar / spelling errors and/or typos will be rejected. It is understood that your work will undergo editing in order to comply with out epublishing process. Proofing will be done and you may be requested to make corrections/modifications.
  6. The author may distribute the demo version but all sales will be made through us (and/or our distributors). We pay up to 60% of the net sales (all monies minus quantity and cash discounts, distribution costs). Payments of the royalties are made when accumulated royalties exceed $100.00US and they are sent within 60 days.
  7. Our distribution agreement does not prevent you from publishing your work elsewhere and we will cease offering it, at your request, after a previously contracted time of one (1) year. The ebook remains the property of ; we will simply archive it and stop all distribution.
  8. A request for your full work DOES NOT imply automatic acceptance.
  9. These terms and conditions may be modified without prior notice.
  10. reserves the right to negotiate the above terms and conditions for each author.
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