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Voices in the Abyss

by Mark Carlson.

April 15, 1912
As the RMS Titanic begins its fateful journey into oblivion, the Coopers, a steerage family, waits patiently for a place in the rapidly filling lifeboats. The ship is sinking fast, and Augusta Cooper realizes that her family will be left behind. She begs a First-class woman in a boat to take her newborn child, and see that he survives. The Coopers consign themselves to their cruel fate.

Sharp, spellbinding, riveting... a must read!
Sandra Allen, author of Titanic's third class passengers: the forgotten stories.

Summer 2002
A young marine engineer, David Nichols, in a team of researchers intending to explore the Titanic wreck with revolutionary new ultra-deep liquid-oxygen technology, experiences startling visions of living passengers and crew on board an intact ship. He keeps the incidents to himself, and starts to explore the wreck on his own sojourns.
After encountering the Cooper family, he risks his career and reputation to learn the fate of the baby Mrs. Cooper put inte a boat that cold night. He struggles to learn the true story of the steerage passengers on the night of the sinking.
Under suspicion by his team leader, David finds himself in a race to learn the sad truth and a shocking revelation that affects him and his life.
In a gripping conclusion, he commits sabotage to return to the wreck of the once-great ship, to confront the truth, an awful tragedy and the mysteries of his own past

propos du livre par l'auteur:
The story line is based on actual characters, such as the family of Frederick Goodwin, (the Coopers) and experimental liquid-oxygen diving technology, which promises to allow suited divers to go deeper than ever before, even to the depth of several thousand feet. I am doing meticulous research at this time regarding marine engineering, submersible technology, and computer information systems.

About Mark Carlson: historian and artist who has long had a fascination for history and ships.
His artworks cover the gamut of historical and military subjects, and his writing follows the same theme. A longtime Titanic buff, Carlson carefully researched the ship and her passengers to ensure historical authenticity for this novel.
Born in Buffalo, NY, Carlson now resides in San Diego, California with his wife, Jane. Voices in the Abyss is his third novel.

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