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After 9 years in the epublishing business, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer doing reference ebooks rather than novels, poetry, etc.

We invite you to discover a new way to enjoy literature and reference books with: electronic books better known as e-books (or ebooks). At , e-books are quite different than what is widely available on the Internet: html, pdf, text, lit, etc. We do not claim to be perfect, who is? But we try to be different than those electronic photocopies found everywhere on the Internet. Each of our e-books is crafted to enhance your reading experience by including illustrations, music, interactivity, web connectivity, etc.

Throughout this web site, you will discover our original e-books.

July 2007

we are happy to announce the release a completely re-done e-book:
Aesopica The forgotten land.

We wish you a good visit and reading and let us know what you think about this web site and our e-books.

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