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Gods, Land & People of Mexico

With your permission

by Roland Salazar Rose

This ebook is not really an ebook, it is more a virtual exhibition of the paintings done by Roland Salazar Rose. Salazar's ten years of artistic residency in Mexico is reflected in this body of work. It does not pretend to express all the aspects of culture, history and feelings on Mexican life and thought. It does bring forth how the gods, land and people of Mexico have influenced Salazar. The work was exhibited at the Diego Rivera Museum in 1998-99.
Salazar is represented at Aura Gallery in Mexico City and Vertice Gallery in Guadalajara.

There are two ways to visit this virtual exhibition:
one is to let yourself be guided through the exhibition while listening to a commentary where Salazar expresses thoughts on the Mexican civilization, on the influence Mexico had on his paintings, on his work and the medium he invented.
The other one is a silent diaporama that you control. The text of the commentary can be printed (in the registered version) so you can read it and look at the paintings as long as you want.

It is available only on a CD-ROM that includes: English, Spanish and French versions. You can order it right now using the buttons on the left or request a CD-ROM and register later using the link inside the ebook.

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Gods, Land and People of Mexico : this virtual exhibition runs on Windows 98/SE/XP/2000 and requires: SVGA 1024x768 (it will try to adjust your screen if possible), soundcard. Insert the CD in the drive and it should start automatically. If not, run the file: autorun.exe.