Aesopica a collection of fables written by Aesop (ca 620 - 560 BC) to teach common sense to the people of Greece. Many of the proverbs teach how to use your common sense to get out or prevent a dangerous situation.

Chinese Tales and Fables . Learn a different kind of wisdom and perhaps glimpse the soul of that enigmatic but very pragmatic people.

Middle Ages

This French ebook will introduce you to some of those fabliaux:
Fabliaux et Contes du Moyen-âge
Many fabliaux carry mock morals, inviting comparison with the didactic fables. Realistic in tone, they paint instructive pictures of everyday life in medieval France. After the 13th century, when the majority were composed, they yielded in importance to the farces, bequeathing a fund of anecdotes to later writers such as Chaucer and Boccaccio. Encyclopædia Britannica.


Ambrose G. Bierce Selected Works
Discover the works of the author who was feared and nicknamed Bitter Bierce Explore the cynical literary world of a much feared man.

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